May 27, 2011

FIPS 140-2 certificates trending down in 2011

The number of FIPS 140-2 certificates issued in 2011 is trending at a slower pace than 2010.  My unofficial projection for the end of year total has been lowered to 175 new FIPS 140-2 certs (there were 229 certs last year).

This is actually great news for anyone pursuing a FIPS 140-2 validation in 2011.  CMVP review times have significantly improved this year and there is capacity for validation testing at all of the FIPS labs.

The chart below shows the breakdown of FIPS 140-2 certificates by Laboratory for 2011 (through May 27, 2011 there are 73 new FIPS certs).  The number between the Lab name and the percentage is the number of certificates for 2011.

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