August 30, 2012

CMVP review times currently in the 4-6 month range

InfoGard's Quality Manager informed me that CMVP review times have slipped to the 4 to 6 month range for FIPS reports this summer.  We believe the reasons for the summer slow-down are due to CMVP vacations, new Implementation Guidance, and a surge in report submissions by Labs in the spring.

When selecting a FIPS Laboratory for your next FIPS project, make sure to ask about the Lab's report review process prior to submission.  InfoGard has a deliberate review process involving an independent technical review by a FIPS Security Engineer, a Quality review, a Signatory review, and then a final quick Quality check at the end.  This is our secret sauce for delivering high-quality reports to the CMVP.  Clear, consistent, and compliant reports are easily reviewed by the CMVP allowing you to reach your product sales goals sooner.

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