September 20, 2011

Update: CMVP review times for FIPS 140-2 validations

Recent FIPS 140-2 submissions have shown an increase in review time by the CMVP.  Since my last update, reports submitted by InfoGard have experienced CMVP review times between 9 and 12 weeks -- although one report submission took only 4 weeks.

(In my May 16 blog entry, I provided a CMVP review estimate between 5 and 10 weeks)

I am raising my Unofficial CMVP Review Time Estimate to "9 to 12 weeks."

[NOTE:  My definition of "CMVP Review Time" is the time between report submission to the CMVP (Review Pending block on the Modules in Process List) to the day the Laboratory first receives comments from the CMVP (Coordination block on the Module in Process List).]

My revised estimate is still significantly better than the review times from last year.  Please share your experience in the comment section.

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