September 21, 2011

Update: Unofficial FIPS 140-3 schedule

Here are my thoughts on the current FIPS 140-3 schedule:
  • Previously, NIST had left open the possibility of another public comment period.  The schedule now indicates that another public comment period will occur in 1Q 2012.
  • Since it has been some time since the last public review, I am expecting a 60 day public review period (perhaps it will be only 30 days? -- share your thoughts in the comment section).
  • After the comments have been addressed, the Secretary of Commerce receives the FIPS 140-3 publication for signature.  Previous estimates allow for 6 months for the Secretary of Commerce to sign.  
  • My unofficial estimate for FIPS 140-3 reports to be accepted by the CMVP is now 2Q 2013 (at the earliest).
  • My unofficial estimate for the last date FIPS 140-2 reports will be accepted by the CMVP is the end of 2013 (which allows for a 6 month transition period from 140-2 to 140-3).

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